What makes a better photographer

Have you ever experienced a situation, where you shared a photo pit with other fellow photographers who decided to occupy one spot without allowing others to use it?

One of my biggest pet hates is selfish photographers with a big ego. On a very few occasions, I ended up sharing a photo pit – a space defined as almost no-man’s-land to all of us, therefore no one ever reserves a space in a pit.  Of course, you may resume a position with a great view or angle, and get a few shots of a band or an artist. However, once you get your shot, you move on and let others obtain a shot from perhaps the same spot if they wished so or needed so. However, not all, as the rest of us are on the same page. Some individuals are assuming, that they are the only photographers in the pit taking the spot and remaining at it for the duration of a whole gig. In some cases, when we are only given 1st three songs and those selfish individuals are taking their spot and don’t ever move, depending on the stage set up, we may only end up with very limited shots, whereof having opportunities to snap better angles are taken by that one person. 

I believe that we all are entitled to share the same space and we all should work together without a need to compete with each other or even trying to proof, who is going to take a better snap. 

In my opinion, apart from a good technique as well as experience, being able to apprehend others makes you a better photographer. 

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